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Tue. Aug 1st 2017

If you haven't paid you annual membership fee at Gulf Coast.In restictors,masters,sportsman,600s or Karts.They must be pa...

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Mon. May 29th 2017
Looking for help

Help Needed1)Victory lane photographer(When Manvel Motorsports cant be there)2) Someone to write a Weekly recap of the races....

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Fri. Feb 17th 2017
3/18 work day

Due weather the ground at the track are flooded.We wont be able to work out there tomorrow.So we will work next weekend fro 1...

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2017 Mini kart rules revision
Thu. Feb 2nd 2017

After some R and D the mini class restrictor plate rule has been changed.In 2017 we will require a red restrictor plate instead of the blue .Also we have changed the spec gear to either a 10/60 or a 12/72.This is to reduce the speed on the karts. When testing the karts were running faster with the blue plate and without a rpm rule. Then they were with just the rpm rule so we went with a smaller restrictor and a different gear to get them close to what they were with the 3500 rpm rule.