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Tue. Aug 1st 2017

If you haven't paid you annual membership fee at Gulf Coast.In restictors,masters,sportsman,600s or Karts.They must be pa...

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Mon. May 29th 2017
Looking for help

Help Needed1)Victory lane photographer(When Manvel Motorsports cant be there)2) Someone to write a Weekly recap of the races....

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Fri. Feb 17th 2017
3/18 work day

Due weather the ground at the track are flooded.We wont be able to work out there tomorrow.So we will work next weekend fro 1...

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Gulf Coast Speedway Status
Wed. Jul 8th 2015

Gulf Coast Speedway Status

Racers, Gulf Coast Speedway Members, Micro Sprint Fans the future status of Gulf Coast Speedway is in our hands. Winged 600’s, Restrictors, JR’s, Masters and Turf cars are scheduled to race this Saturday night 7/11/15. While there has been three consecutive weeks of racing for the Lonestar 600’s at GCS, Bronco and Gator this week is not a series race for the group. With it getting into the hottest part of the year and it not being a series race both are factors that could potentially result in a low car count at GCS this weekend. With all of the early rain outs and the light schedule that GCS operates on it has become increasingly difficult to generate enough cash flow to operate, maintain and build the facilities at Gulf Coast Speedway. That being said the track needs all the race teams and spectators it can get this weekend to show up and enjoy a night of racing. Please help with some promoting of the track and races, bring your friends and relatives. Invite someone that’s never seen a micro race, communicate on your social media apps.
To expand on the need for everyone to support the track this coming Saturday there is also the need for increased labor support. Gulf Coast Speedway is the “ONLY” Micro Sprint specific track in Texas and it is solely owned and operated by it’s members. For the most part the track labor has been performed by a small group of volunteers. The burden of that volunteer labor has begun to wear out those that are currently and have been freely giving of their time. It’s time for some others that want to see the track continue and even grow to step up and participate or it may mean the tracks unfortunate end. While that labor of love is appreciated by many it does get old and we all have been guilty of taking it for granted. So check your personal position and determine if you have the desire, energy and time to step up and help out with your track ?
Gulf Coast Speedway was started in 1997 by volunteer labor and financing. It has been the home to many a great race and has been the starting place for many great racers to begin their development. Is it perfect NO, not by a long shot, but criticism can be said of any racing facility no matter the owners or operators. Eighteen years of consistent operations is a pretty long run it would be sad to see it come to an end.  It’s in our hands 
Tim Elkins